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Cylance Protect AV vulnerability patched

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s CERT Coordination Center is issued patch for a recently disclosed vulnerability in Cylance Protect. The vulnerability note, VU#489481, said that prior to a July 21, 2019, update Protect contained flaws that allow an adversary to craft malicious files that the AV product would likely mistake for simply being benign files.
Alerts & Bugs

MegaCortex variant redesigned a self-executing, incorporates features of previous version

A new variant of MegaCortexransomware making its way across the U.S. and Europe has been recast as a self-executing menace that doesn’t require a password and is aimed at enterprises, according to a technical analysis released by researchers at Accenture iDefense. “The disadvantage of the first version was that actors had to run the ransomware manually or risk […]
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Xtreme RAT: A deep insight into the remote access trojan’s high profile attacks

Its capabilities include uploading or downloading files, manipulating running processes and services, capturing screenshots of victim’s computers, recording audios and videos via microphone or webcameras, and interacting with the registry. Its victims include financial organizations, telecom companies, gaming companies, the IT sector, the energy and utility sector, and