May 19, 2022
Software Updates

Sophose Next-Gen Network Protection – XG Firewall

Sophos network security appliances, provide configured multiple features like firewall-vpn,gateway antivirus,anti-spam,ips,content and application filtering,web application firewall,application visibility and control,bandwidth managment..etc
Sophos configured security features to protect your network against malware,insider threats,hacker,and other sophisticated network attacks.
This is the lowest cost because of support on the cyberoam devices installed previous at the board.If the board purched the devices sophos XG330 with 3 year licenses it will be cost approx 35Lakh for both of machines.
the configuration and installation reports as follows:-
If any problem faced the board instalation regarding cyberoam/sophos any other devices of data center ,we are ready to solve the issues on 24*7 support.

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