September 18, 2021



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87% of Indian cos victims of security breach last year: Report – ET CISO

New Delhi, At least 87 per cent of Indian respondents said their organisations were victims of security breach in the last year, a report said on Thursday.

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Cyber arms dealer exploits new Apple iPhone software vulnerability; affects most versions: Researchers – ET CISO

Sept 13 – A cyber surveillance company based in Israel has developed a tool than can break into Apple iPhones with a never-before-seen technique for

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Data breach in networks of Indonesian ministries and agencies – ET CISO

New Delhi, A China-based cyber-espionage threat actor has apparently breached the internal networks of at least 10 Indonesian government ministries and

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Hackers deface Uttar Pradesh Vidhan Sabha website, post objectionable messages – ET CISO

LUCKNOW: Just days after a Saharanpur man hacked into the Election Commission of India site and churned out 10,000 fake voter IDs, the Uttar Pradesh Vidhan

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25+ ATM users duped of lakhs in 15 days, police stns yet to act – ET CISO

Nagpur: Police stations of MIDC, Hingna, Wadi and adjoining ones were caught napping as citizens lost lakhs of rupees through ATM skimming in the last

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Russian internet firm Yandex hit by major cyber attack: Report – ET CISO

MOSCOW: Russian internet giant Yandex said on Wednesday it had been hit by a cyber attack that the Vedomosti daily reported was largest DDoS attack in the

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Apple fixes security hole reportedly used to hack an iPhone – ET CISO

Apple released a critical software patch to fix a security vulnerability that researchers said could allow hackers to directly infect iPhones and other

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Cyber Vulnerability is Healthcare’s Modern Malaise – ET CISO

by Vishal SalviA woman seeking emergency treatment for a life-threatening condition at Duesseldorf University Clinic in Germany, became ransomware attacks’

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VPN app shields online criminals, triggers cyber crimes: Par panel – ET CISO

Making a strong pitch against the rise in cyber crimes, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Home Affairs has blamed the VPN app, an easily available

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Germany admits police used controversial Pegasus spyware – ET CISO

The German government admitted Tuesday that its federal police service used controversial Israeli spyware known as Pegasus, parliamentary sources told,

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