May 26, 2022



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Cybersecurity Asset Management: know what’s on your network – ET CISO

Subbu Iyer, Forescout By- Subbu Iyer Guessing the number of marbles in a jar can be a fun carnival game (choose the average depending on the wisdom of the

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IT bug that jammed Baltic-North Sea traffic ‘not a hacker attack’ – ET CISO

A software problem that blocked all ship traffic in the main channel between the Baltic and the North Sea on Sunday was not a hacker attack and has been

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90% of cyberattacks due to poor IT hygiene, say Sri Lankan infosec experts – ET CISO

Today, organizations are digitizing rapidly in order to maintain business continuity, timelines, and productivity. However, this can’t happen at the

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Emerging gaming security trends in 2022 – ET CISO

By- Subho Halder Due to the pandemic, a vast population around the world have mastered the art of virtual life from work to leisure. Not too surprisingly,

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Cyber cheats took Rs 4 crore in 13 months, reckon cops – ET CISO

CHANDIGARH: The coronavirus pandemic has quickened the pace towards digital transactions — and online frauds. The city can vouch for that. While there is

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WhatsApp fixes problem in image filter after CPR flagged security vulnerability – ET CISO

Check Point Research (CPR) on Thursday said it had flagged a security vulnerability in WhatsApp‘s image filter function that could have been

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Make no mistake. Pegasus episode is just the tip of the iceberg, IT Security News, ET CISO

A global media investigation has revealed that Pegasus, a telephone hacking software invented in Israel and supposedly sold only to governments, has been

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Report, IT Security News, ET CISO

New Delhi: The global retail sector faced the highest level of ransomware attacks during 2020, with 44 per cent of organisations hit (compared to 37 per

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Chinese cyberattack on Israel, Iran for info on tech, business advances, IT Security News, ET CISO

Tel Aviv: China on Tuesday hacked dozens of Israeli public and private sector groups as well groups in Iran, Saudi Arabia and a variety of other countries

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Storing personal, financial information digitally increases risk of data breach: Report – ET CISO

NEW DELHI: The manner in which people in India store their confidential information comprises major risk of data theft, according to a report. The Per

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